How You Can Write HTML In The Notepad

How You Can Write HTML In The Notepad

When you use Windows Working System, you don't need to purchase or download an editor with a view to write HTML. You've gotten a wonderfully functional editor constructed into your working system called Notepad.

In truth, for many people this is all the entire HTML editor they may ever need because it is free as well as simple.

There are only just a few steps to creating a Web page with Notepad or write HTML with Notepad:

Open Notepad Notepad is nearly always found in your "Accessories" menu or you'll be able to go to start->run->type in Notepad, a notepad will open.
Start writing your HTML Do not forget that you should be more careful than in an HTML editor. You won't have elements like tag completion and validation which happens to be in software.
Save your HTML to a file This is the tricky part. Notepad normally saves files as .txt. However since you're writing HTML, you have to save the file as .htm or html, both will work.
When you're not careful, you'll find yourself with a file named something like filename.htm.txt

This is how one can keep away from that:

Click on "File" and then "Save As"
Navigate to the folder you need to save in
Change the "Save As Type" drop-down menu to "All Files (*.*)"
Name your file, be sure you embrace the .htm extension e.g. homepage.htm
Bear in mind HTML isn't terribly hard to learn, and also you needn't buy any additional software or other items so as to put up your Web page. With Notepad, you can write advanced or easy HTML and upon getting realized the language, you can edit pages as quickly as somebody with an expensive HTML editor. I too have mastered the HTML within the Notepad editor only without utilizing any software.

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