Auckland Airport Misplaced Property Sparks Hunt For Toy’s Missing Owner

Auckland Airport Misplaced Property Sparks Hunt For Toy’s Missing Owner

Do you recognise this bunny?

New Zealand’s busiest airport is having a clear-out of its misplaced property, but one item has jumped out at Auckland Airport employees as in need of finding its way home for Christmas.

Manager of the Auckland airport misplaced property, Kelvin Jiang said the cuddly toy was handed in on 10 November at Auckland’s domestic terminal.

"We've got hundreds of misplaced items handed in yearly, and a few are very particular," he said. "I’m sure someone can be lacking their bunny – we’d like to get them back together."

With worldwide journey mostly halted resulting from border restrictions, the misplaced property department is emptier than typical, which might help this cause.

"This year, because of the impact COVID-19 has had on passenger numbers, there have been fewer items handed in from across the worldwide terminal," says Kelvin.

The fact that most travellers won’t be going too far, gives him greater hope of reuniting passengers and their misplaced belongings.

"It’s simpler to get things back to their owner when it’s a domestic traveller than for worldwide," he says.

The airport has launched a call out for the rabbit’s owner by way of social media to see if they will get the toy dwelling in time for Christmas.

The airport asks any traveller passing by way of the airport on 10 November and recognises this white, stuffed rabbit with a pink nostril and floppy ears to get in touch.

If no owner will be found, there should still be a happy ending.

Unclaimed, non-perishable items are usually held for up to ninety days. After this interval the rabbit can be found a home with Mangere East Household Companies, to whom clothing, sunglasses and safe food items are donated.

Auckland Airports home services are at present running at thirds capacity. "There’s nonetheless plenty of items that get left behind," says Kelvin, who not too long ago reunited a surfboard with its grateful owner.

So far this yr the airport has had "bicycles and wheelchairs handed in. We’ve had paintings, energy instruments, musical instruments – there are a couple of ukuleles in there right now."

Nevertheless, one of many more frequent items to show up in lost property are passengers’ dentures.

"False enamel get handed in – because of the health risk, we eliminate them straight away."

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